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"Good Morning!!"


Here's one of our Belted TAM-ROC Gilts

enjoying one of their lush rotational pastures!

YES! They do eat GRASS


                                                          Dandelions too!


munchin dandelions.JPG?1405812644867

We're Certified Pork Producers

certified/educated through the National Pork Boards PQA PLUS Program.


Bits and her 3 day old piglets.JPG?14058


Here's DOT and some of her 2 day old piglets

March 20th, 2013 040.JPG?1405812644761

Great for 4H kids

or for future breeding stock

to raise your own herd!


All our pigs are raised OUTDOORS on PASTURE.

Dec. 10th, 2014 184.PNG?1418305337957

They WILL NOT do well if purchased from us and placed in a confinement pen to "Fatten".

sniffin' dandolines.JPG?1405812644656

when given the option, Our pigs always choose

GRASS or hay rather than bagged feed!

Dec. 10th, 2014 187.PNG?1418305388176


In the winter 8-9 pigs will have an 850/lb. round bale devoured in 1-2 weeks!! 

Pigs eating Round Bale.JPG?1405812644906

The Tam-Roc/Hampshire cross Boar below is "TOAD"

He was our Boar July of 2013 - Oct. of 2014

this is when he weighed approx. 175/lbs.

Toad & Dot grazing.JPG?1405812645293

This was TOAD on Sept. 6th, 2014

He weighed approx. 650lbs.

Sept. 18th, 2014 019.JPG?1418304925894


January 3rd, 2014 030.JPG?1405812645344

Even during a BLIZZARD, they love being outside!!


On a small/traditionally sized "FAMILY FARM" such as ours,

it's easy to care for all our animals and crops by avoiding the use of chemical's.

Our Pastured Pigs are supplemented with a ground Corn & ground Alfalfa Hay feed.

In the winter they consume an 800/lb. bale of alfalfa/clover/mixed grass hay about every 2 weeks.

We DO NOT give any of breeding pigs or our piglets iron shot's,

notch their ears or clip their teeth.

They don't need the iron shot's because they get the minerals they need by being out on pasture,

and their "wolf teeth" end up falling out on their own after 6-8 weeks anyway.

So why stress out the piglets and ourselves by performing unnecessary procedures

that nature takes care of NATURALLY?

Shots of any kind are simply not needed when their raised outdoors in a closed herd such as ours.

Dot grazing.jpeg?1405812645208

This is one of our DUROC/GermanSpot breeding Sow's 

her name is "DOT"



Our Pig's have 24 hour a day access to the great outdoors..... 


And when their newborns, they always have an indoor heat-source

Oct. 11th, 2014 029.JPG?1418305678162

Because for the first 4 days of life,