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Beginning SUMMER of 2017

All of our 100% Grass-fed BEEFALO

breeding stock

are full-blooded - registered animals

                                                Our BULL'S
                                        age: 12-18 months old
                                           Starting at: $3,500

                                              Our HEIFER'S
                                        age: 12-16 months old


                                           Starting at: $2,500

ALL of our  


are raised THEIR ENTIRE LIVES on the same forage mix that we have our hay fields seeded down with.

Including interseeding pastures with our NON-GMO Alfalfa




We never use




of any kind on our hay fields & pastures!


No Pesticides or herbicides while their growing,

  And  NO  Preservatives/Drying chemicals

while it's being bailed or stored.

Our Small Square Bales weigh approx. 50/lbs. each

They are a mixture of 

Orchard Grass,Red Clover & Alfalfa

$300 per ton delivered within 50 miles of our farm.


We also have straight grass hay which is a combination of Orchard Grass, Timothy and endophyte-free fescue which is safe for horses.

$225 per ton delivered within 50 miles of our farm.

call: 1-570-250-5732

for availability and to schedule a delivery.