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5 Acre Corn Winners


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5 Acre Corn Winners
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Lancaster Farming Staff

Pennsylvania Five-Acre Corn Contest Results

Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Contest Results

GRANTVILLE (Dauphin Co.) _ The Pennsylvania Corn and Soybean Conference drew more than 125 producers and industry representatives to a one-day event conducted here at the Holiday Inn.

The Pennsylvania Corn Growers Association (PCGA), Pennsylvania Soybean Board, and Penn State Cooperative Extension sponsored the event.

Contest results are also a highlight of the conference. There were 84 participants in the Five-Acre Corn Club Contest, according to PCGA president Guy Wagner. Even though the numbers ""were a little off'' in comparison to other years, yields were better than expected in view of the dry growing season, he said.

In the three-year average ear corn awards

  • Harry Johnston, McConnellsburg, took first place with an average of 191.7 bushels per acre with Pioneer 33G26.
  • Second place went to Wayne Freeman, Elliottsburg, with 173.9 bushels per acre with NC+d5878Bt.
  • Jeffery Reed, Emporium, took home a third place with an average of 173.6 bushels per acre with Pioneer 39D81.

Shelled Corn Tilled

  • Donna Coleman, Ronks, took home a first place in the shelled corn tilled class with a yield of 248.3 bushels per acre and a plant population of 31,886 with Pioneer 33B51.
  • Second place in the same class went to D. Richard Snyder, Montoursville, with a yield of 235.8 and plant population of 28,677 with Pioneer 31G98.
  • Third place in the same class was L. Zook & Sons, Oley, with a yield of 227.4 bushels per acre and plant population of 26,479 with Pioneer 33A14.

In the shelled corn no-till class

  • Carl Shaffer, Mifflinville, had a yield of 218.9 bushels per acre and plant population of 27,463 and took first with Pioneer 33A14.
  • David Hileman, Tyrone, took home a second place with a yield of 215.7 and plant population of 29,621 with Pioneer 33A14.
  • Third place was Nelson Beam, Elverson, using Pioneer 33B51 with a yield of 208.4 bushels per acre and a plant population of 29,795.

In the ear corn class,

  • Kenneth Glazier, McConnellsburg, had a first place win with a yield of 213.5 bushels per acre with a population of 22,916 using Hubner H3505.
  • Harry Johnston, McConnellsburg, took home second place with a plant population of 25,478 with Pioneer 33G26 and a yield of 211.3 bushels per acre.

Hurman Nesbitt III, McConnellsburg, won third place with a yield of 201.6 bushels per acre and a plant population of 20,540 with Doeblers 75XMod.