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Steak Guide


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From Picking the right cut, to GRILLING it up.

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Boneless Strip Sirloin - Otherwise known as the "NEW YORK STRIP".
This is our choice for a best bet on the grill.  Look for a well-marbled cut, it'll be exploding with flavor and if grilled correctly, will be juicy to the last mouthfull. 
Rib Eye, PORTERHOUSE & Flank
cooking instructions
1. Before grilling any steak, make sure to bring it up to room temperature.
2. Rub oil on grill grate priorm to starting the grill.
3. Season the meat (if you like it that way), an hour before grilling, but don't  salt them until after they hit the grill.  Salt draws out moisture and will dry out the steaks if added too soon!
4. For Rib eye, Porterhouse, and Strip steaks, a good rule of thumb is to gill them on first side for approx. 6 minutes before flipping over for additional 6 minutes.  Flip the steaks only once (flank is the exception), so they can "caramelize", forming a crust to keep the juices inside.
5. Make sure you use tongs when flipping steaks, using a fork will puncture the meat, allowing juices to escape.

Why age a Steak?
Proper aging of fresh BEEFALO enhances both tenderness and flavor.  Most local meat markets and grocery stores don't age their meat products because it requires extra space and because of the yield loss.
How long is Steak aged?
Usually between 15-30 day's.
Filets require less aging (14 day's) as compared to Strip steaks (28 day's).