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Crop Insurance


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Excerpts from a letter written by the Former Secretary of Agriculture, Sam Hayes while he was still in office.


"Building on the success of increased crop insurance participation in 2000 and 2001, than Governer Tom Ridge and the Pennsylvania General Assembly have extended the Crop Insurance Assistance Program for growers to 2002.   This program has helped to double the participation in crop insurance which is now reaching an estimated one million acres - the highest ever in Pennsylvania.  In part, the increased participation has resulted from the PA Department of Agriculture's insistance that the crop insurance program be made more reflective of Pennsylvania agriculture."

"To be eligible, you must purchase a crop insurance policy and complete the required forms.  The PA Crop Insurance Assistance Program covers the administrative fees of $100.00 per crop enrolled for "CAT" and $30.00 per crop for Buy-up coverage   Additionally, producers with Buy-up policies will recieve an amount equal to 10 percent of the gross premium, which calculates to about 20 percent net premium discount.   This program is in addition to any Federal premium assistance."

We (PA FARMERS), cannot avoid production risks caused by nature; but, with crop insurance, we can help keep it within manageable limits.  With the PA Crop Insurance Program, "CAT" COVERAGE IS FREE and BUY-UP COVERAGE IS DISCOUNTED!  Get the details before the enrollment date of SEPTEMBER 30th for most fall seedings; and MARCH 15th for spring crops!