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LOOS Tales


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Get ready to be awaken!

If ever there was an example of a Farming/Agricultural motivational speaker, TRENT LOOS is it!


I'm speaking from 1st hand experience.  On Monday evening, Feburary 2nd, 2004 I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Trent Loos speak at a local BEEF meeting in my home county of BERKS, PA.  He was the last speaker of the evening and was better than a cup of 12 hour old coffee!  He had everyone sitting up and wide eyed for the ride home.
He was definatly not what we were use to at these meetings.
He spoke on trends in the livestock industry.  The most impressive thing he said, was the way he introduced himself as a 6th Generation rancher/farmer!  That's unheard of now a day's, especially in Pennsylvania.
He has taken his passion for the rural lifstyle to the radio waves of this great country, his show is called "LOOS TALES". 
Loos has utilized the experience of seasoned radio veterans to help spread his experience and concerns in farming today to listeners across the country.  Using his laptop and any internet connection he can find, he records, produces, and broadcasts his radio shows from wherever his travels take him.
Raised on a farm near Quincy, Illinois, Loos retired from the hog business at an early age and has been involved with raising shorthorn steers and speaking about troubled times in Agriculture and what needs to be done to improve it ever since.
He and his wife manage a purebred Limousin & Angus cow herd currently located in central Nebraska.
For more information about Trent Loos, his radio show's and daily newsletters, click on the below text.  It'll take you right to his web-site.